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I’m a serial coffee-through-the-mail-orderer. At any given moment I have at least 3 or 4 bags from roasters all over the continent. I figure there’s no better way to keep developing my palate – and there are SO many great roasters out there these days.


Two months ago I ordered the Gachatha AA (Kenyan) from Case Coffee Roasters, a small batch roaster out of Ashland, Oregon. I couldn’t believe how good it was. Now, flavor and tastes are so subjective, but this coffee for me had what I’m always looking for: delicious aroma, bright juicy notes and complexity that increases as the cup cools. I dropped half the bag off for a buddy and he liked it so much he ordered two others and brought them to our monthly coffee tasting in Miami! (Interested? Let me know with a comment at the bottom of the blog post.)

2016-02-22_1456103220Sure enough, their Kilanjogu AA (Kenyan) and Mogeyes (Ethiopian) were stellar (but different) as well. (Shown in the photo are some of the others we tried at our monthly meet-up)

2016-03-23_1458734940Last one I ordered was a Colombian, El Guayabo which has been delicious as well. In my opinion, it’s not as “interesting” as the African coffees, but it sure is beautifully roasted and a wonderful cup of coffee. I haven’t made them as single origin espressos, but I have made them using Aeropress, Hario V60 and Kalita Waves. All exceptional. If you get a chance and feel like ordering something new and outstanding, give Case Coffee Roasters a look!

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